Independent Education with a Catholic Ethos

For Boys aged 11 - 18

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Our unswerving aim is to help each boy reach his full potential.

Our school has been founded by the PACT Educational Trust to support parents in their task of helping their sons to become the best young men they can be. Should you choose The Cedars for your son, our unswerving aim will be to work with you to ensure that he reaches his full potential.

Our philosophy of education is based on a ‘character first’ approach; that is, we strive to develop in your son those qualities of greatness that will not only help him to achieve his academic potential but will also help in every other aspect of his life at school and, crucially, life after school. We believe that young men who are able to defer selfish instincts, to persevere in the face of difficulty, to make sacrifices when required, to strive for their personal best and to serve others cheerfully, will succeed in any situation.

Our emphasis on character does not diminish in any way the academic life of the school. On the contrary, it creates ideal circumstances for the cultivation of the intellect and, indeed, of sporting and artistic endeavour. As you will read elsewhere, the curriculum we offer has been planned carefully to provide your son with the tools to think clearly and we are committed to support this with classroom teaching of the highest quality.

The Catholic ethos of the Cedars is at the very heart of the school. While we welcome boys of all faiths, we seek to cultivate in pupils a profound sense of being a child of God and an awareness of the personal call to holiness that God has addressed to them. I hope very much that you will find this website useful. If you would like to discuss your son’s education personally, I would be delighted to meet you.


Robert Teague