The Eudaimonia Programme underpins the entire Cedars curriculum. It is not just another set of lessons but rather a way of learning, studying and thinking, an approach which takes the interconnectedness of knowledge seriously.

For the Greeks, eudaimonia (Greek: εὐδαιμονία) was the highest good for man and the ultimate purpose of human activity.  In our Eudaimonia Programme you will get to grips with some of the most exciting ideas of all, think of it as 100 Things You Ought to Know by Your 18th Birthday.

We explore the Big Ideas in science, mathematics, philosophy, art, literature, current affairs (including politics, economics and the roots of 21st Century conflicts), music, wisdom – ancient and modern, life skills and thinking skills. 

Street maps. Road maps. Mind maps. Ordnance Survey Maps. Google Maps. The Mappa Mundi. We all need maps. And never more than when we’re trying to find our way through the tricky GCSE and A Level years. In fact, what we need is a map that helps us find our way, that helps us see connections, that shows us the whole picture.

This is what the Eudaimonia Programme is here to provide: a map that will take you from Year 7 through to the Sixth Form and into the world; a map that grows with you; a map that helps you find your bearings.