All boys in Years 7 and 8 study Latin and GCSE Latin is offered to Year 9 and above. A Level Latin will be offered from September 2017. We plan to introduce Ancient Greek and Classical Civilisation at GCSE level.

Why Study Latin?
  • Latin is an academically rigorous subject that is highly regarded by universities and employers.
  • It helps to develop a deeper understanding of grammar and writing style.
  • Latin can provide an introduction to the ancient world and an appreciation of its enduring influence today.
  • It is a very precise and logical subject, and so can help to develop skills of accuracy.
  • Latin sheds light on the meaning of words in English and other European languages.
  • The study of Latin can provide the key to understanding current terminology used in law, medicine, science and other fields.
  • Latin is challenging and develops the intellect in a unique way.
GCSE Latin

GCSE Latin is made up of different units, including Latin Language, Prose Literature and Verse Literature. There are no speaking of listening examinations in Latin. The course will provide an introduction to a range of texts from antiquity by authors such as Cicero, Tacitus and Virgil.