Explore the greatest museums in the world from home, take a virtual tour

Whilst the originals are out of reach for now, you can still see world-class art and artefacts– without the queues or ticket prices, here are a few of our favourites. There are many more to explore, have fun!

The website offers a virtual tour of its most stunning sites, which allows you to marvel at Michelangelo’s ceiling inside the Sistine Chapel. Other marvels to visit include The You Visit tour which allows you to wander around the world’s smallest country digitally and even has a tour guide option that offers information on each significant site.

Housing hundreds and thousands of treasures, visitors can wander around its storied corridors for hours on end and still not see all it has to offer.

The Guggenheim is perhaps more famous for the stunning titanium and steel building within which it’s located. The distinctive structure was designed by Frank Gehry as a tribute to Bilbao’s naval and industrial heritage. Explore its extensive collection of modern art through its interactive tour. Its most iconic piece, Maman by Louise Bourgeois, stands just outside of the museum.