Hilary Term Concert

The Hilary Term Concert played to an appreciative audience on Wednesday 21 March 2018 which was held at The Cedars. See more photos below and the full programme.

of this nuptial adventure sprinkled musical confetti on the audience and set the tone for the rest of the evening. Louis Eden took to the stage next with a soulful rendition of John Ireland’s ‘The Holy Boy’. His delivery and intonation were excellent immediately transporting the audience to a tranquil sound-space.

This early part of the evening was designed to showcase strings; Jacques Singham with Paganini Rondeau: 3rd movt from Sonata Concertata on violin; Marcus Velissarides with The Robots March by Gordon Jacob on cello and Anujan Perrine’s with

Handel’s Allegro 4th movement from Sonata in E on violin. Perrine’s irrepressible spirit danced freely into the notes of the Allegro as his bowing arm hinged smoothly up and down.

It was time for another piano performance. Up stepped Nathan Brown-Bennett with a short and sweet rendition of Giga in A minor by R Jones. Brown-Bennett’s skilful mood puppeteering created the perfect conditions for the subsequent standout performance of Faure Berceuse by Isaac Brett. The year nine flautist’s tone was smooth and continuous lulling the audience into a blissful dream-like state. For a Teutonic moment in time, Brett became the pied piper of Croydon town. Now, it wouldn’t be a concert without some Jazz and Mieszko Bartosz Jefferies stepped up and accepted the mantle delivering a seamless performance of Charlie Parker’s Donna Lee in characteristically laid-back style.

The last of the soloists, Jermaine Sam, gifted Benjamin Britten’s The Spider and the Fly on Bb trumpet. Sam showcased his dynamism by executing parts of the score with a mute. What made the performance even more impressive was his ability to grasp the mood so well and deliver with such conviction. He was under the added pressure of being recorded for GCSE exam submission but it did not affect him one jot.

The Brass Ensemble stepped up next and launched into Chanson Napolitaine by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. This fanfare waltz immediately grabbed the attention of the room and held it in a vice grip until the final cadential blast signalled the tapering off of the first half of a rousing evening. But, before the close came, Dr Bonnici’s String ensemble dazzled everyone with ‘Death and the Maiden’, 1st movement by Schubert. The music whisked the crowd on a romantic musical journey with twist and turns, thrills and chills ending on a strategically sombre note. The Schola Cantorum provided the finishing touches with Crown of Roses’ by Tchaikovsky.

The second half heralded the grand arrival of Modest Mussorgsky’s sensational suite Pictures at an Exhibition. From the opening trumpet line of The Promenade to the final triumphant crescendo of the Great Gate of Kiev, The Cedars Orchestra made a firm statement that school music has entered a higher caste!

The headlining performance was given by The Cedars Voices Chamber Choir. The piece was Morton Lauridsen’s O Magnum Mysterium. Twenty four singers took to the stage eagerly awaiting Dr Bonnici’s gesture to begin. The undulating prayerful quality of this final performance provided the perfect end to a wonderful event.



Peter Tully – Wedding in Troldhauen by Edvard Grieg – Piano
Louis Eden – The Holy Boy (Carol of the Nativity) by John Ireland – Violin
Jacques Singham –  Paganini Rondeau: 3rd most from Sonata Concertata, are Huws Jones – Violin
Nathan Brown-Bennett – Giga in A minor, R Jones (g6) – Piano
Marcus Velissarides – The Robots March – Gordon Jacob – Cello
Anujan Perrine – Handel’s Allegro 4th movt from Sonata in E – Violin
Isaac Brett –  Faure ‘Berceuse’ op.16 – Claudio Ferrarini – Flute
Mieszko Bartosz Jefferies – Donna Lee Charlie Parker – Saxophone
Jermaine Sam – The Spider and the Fly – Benjamin Britten – Trumpet

Chanson Napolitaine – Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Jermaine Sam – Trumpet
John Paul Read – Trumpet
Mr Maguire – Trumpet
Mr Holden – Trombone

‘Death and the Maiden’  1st movement – Shubert
Dr Bonicci – 1st Violin
Jesse Baffour – 2nd Violin
Louis Eden – 2nd Violin
Jacques Singham – Viola
Marcus Velissarides – 1st Cello
Mr Daly – 2nd Cello

Crown of Roses – Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Mauricio Honorato Severino – Treble
Aman Ram – Alto
Peter Tully – Tenor
Marcus Velissarides – Bass



Pictures at an Exhibition – Modest Mussorgksy
Conductor Dr Bonnici

Louis Eden – 1st violin
Jacques Singham – 2nd violin
Jesse Baffour – Viola
Marcus Velissarides – 1st Cello
Mr Daly – 2nd Cell
Mr Page – 2nd Cello

Kian Murris – Alto Saxophone
Mr Muscat – Alto Saxophone
Issac Brett – Flute
Mieszko Bartosz Jefferies – Alto Saxophone

Jermaine Sam – Trumpet
Mr Maguire – Trumpet
Mr Holden – Trombone

Reuben Adusei – Timpani
Austin Anthonipillai – Piano
Yasir Khan – Percussion

O Magnum Mysterium by Morton Lauridsen
Conductor   Dr Bonnici

Ethan Santana, Michael Jolly, Joseph O’Connor, Aman Ram, Emre Arif, Auguste Briolay, David Brown Bennet, Mauricio Honorato Severino, Jesse Baffour

1st Altos
Manuel Silvan, Edward Reed, Raphaël Cérèze, Aidan James,

2nd Altos
Mr Holden, Mr Page

1st Tenors
Gonzague Teisseire, Mr Daly

2nd Tenors
Sanjeev Kalsi, Toby Danielson, Peter Tully, Zach Lobo,

Michael Merrifield, Marcus Velissarides, Jean-Paul Arroyo-Anzacot, Kameron Taylor, Mr Strinati, Mr Loembe