Launching the Purcell Sessions

Named after the highly influential English master of musico-literary synergy, this week was the official launch of the new Purcell Sessions in F6.
On the bill was budding slam poet Nathan from Year 10 with an original composition titled Live and Learn. Nathan’s interesting use of onomatopoeia reached a climax following delivery of the line “Snap crackle and popping like Rice Krispies.”
Next up was Sabih, Year 9 with a confident performance of Ulysses by Tennyson echoing the previous mantra of living to the fullest and swallowing every last drop of life.
Peter from Year 12 concluded the session with a tender performance of Im Abendrot by Schubert. Peter’s delivery of
sung German was impeccable and everyone could sense the sweet sentiment despite the language barrier.

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