Visitor: Sohrab Ahmari

Sohrab was born in Iran and moved to the USA at the age of 14. He has been an editor and columnist at The Wall Street Journal and now writes for Commentary. He is the author of Arab Spring Dreams and The New Philistines. During his talk he gave the following advice to the boys:
1. Read the good stuff – skip the junk. To read the classics of world literature gives you insight and grounding in ‘permanent things’.
2. Always take the opportunity to encounter other people. Really get to know them. Don’t be satisfied with online friends. Spend time with elderly people – your grandparents, for example – they have so much wisdom to impart. Everyone has something to teach you!
3. Don’t be enamoured of ‘now’.
Look for the things that last. Resist the dictatorship of relativism and ‘nowism’.
4. Find a role model.
5. Don’t look for safe spaces. Engage with people who have different ideas to you.
6. Be wary of utopians. Distrust anyone who claims to offer you ‘everything’ in return for surrendering your freedom, or compromising truth, justice, conscience etc.

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