The Cedars School’s sporting reputation has gone from strength to strength since the school opened in 2013. Every boy has the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sports and activities, under the expert guidance of experienced professionals. 

“Sport contributes to the love of life, teaches sacrifice, respect and responsibility, leading to the full development of every human person.”  St John Paul II

Since the school opened in 2013 its sporting reputation has gone from strength to strength. Every boy has the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sports and activities, under the expert guidance of experienced professionals. The Cedars School Sport and Games Programme centres around a vision of team ethics, emotional well-being and physical health, offering boys a pathway to success in their chosen sport.

Rugby, Football and Cricket are the core sports within their respective terms and the boys have an extensive and very competitive fixture list playing opposition schools both on Saturdays and midweek. The school takes part in tournaments at both regional and national level and has achieved some notable successes, winning the Kingston Rugby Sevens Tournament outright in two age groups in 2017.

All  boys have the opportunity to represent the school throughout the year as well as taking part in house sport and other activities. The PE programme consists of a further nine sports: Baseball, Cross-country, Gaelic Football, Handball, Lacrosse, Orienteering, Table Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee and Vortex.

Most school sport takes place on extensive playing fields in attractive surroundings at the rear of the school. In addition to three rugby/football pitches, there are two cricket squares and plans are in place to improve provision further with the addition of an artificial pitch and cricket nets.

In 2017 The Cedars School,  in partnership with Real Madrid Foundation,  set up the UK’s first ever Real Madrid Foundation Social Sports School. 

“Sport is one of the best vehicles a school can use in forming character in young men. It teaches them the virtues of fortitude, determination, courage, loyalty and humility. This greatly aids in moulding them into responsible and thoughtful adults, who can make the right decisions in pressurised situations and adapt to changing environments. Playing sport is not only vital in leading a healthy and active lifestyle, but also in returning boys to class in a positive frame of mind, enabling them to work  harder, more efficiently and more effectively. A child who has run his socks off on the sports field is going to sleep better during the night too – and wake up fresh and ready for the day with a smile on his face”. 

Chris Ashton
Director of Sport 

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