The Cedars Debating Society meet Jeremy Paxman

The Cedars Debating Society had an entertaining and educational visit on Wednesday 7 February 2018 to an Intelligence Squared debate featuring Jeremy Paxman and Esther Rantzen at the Emmanuel Centre in London.

The motion debated was ‘The Younger Generations have been Betrayed by the Older Generations’. It was a lively debate which covered a lot of ground. There were votes cast on the motion before and after the debate, resulting in a 13% swing against the motion; the motion was defeated.

One of our students was chosen to contribute to the debate and we congratulate William Awomoyi on the excellent contributions he made which caused quite a discussion between himself and Jeremy Paxman! The students met the debaters afterwards and overall it was a fantastic evening, where our students acquitted themselves admirably.

The school has also been chosen to host the London regional final of the ESU’s national ‘Schools Mace’ debating competition, which will be a fantastic opportunity for our students to witness more high level debates.

Thank you to Mr Trafford for organising the visit.

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