The Cedars School Football Tournament

The Cedars School Under 10’s – Seven a Side Football Tournament took place on Thursday 22 March 2018. A fantastic day of competition took place on the Cedars sports fields.  Schools taking part were:  Elmhurst School, Bandon Hill School, Holy Ghost School, Good Shepherd School, Oakwood School, Oliver House School, Regina Coeli School, St. David’s School, St Bernadette’s and Willington School.

The morning involved the group stages being played and the first games kicked off at 10.30am. There was some real talent on show from the start and it was fantastic to see some girls in the teams showing the boys that they are just as good at football. Each team played the other teams in their group once and collected points based on the results from each game. They then played against the team that finished in the corresponding position in the other group for either the Cup, Plate, Bowl, Shield or Medal. The finals were all close games and the final of the Cup competition was only decided by a last minute goal.

Thank you to all of the Cedars boys who helped the tournament run smoothly and a big thank you to Mr Ashton who made sure everything was in place for the competition to work so well.

Cup Winners: Regina Coeli

Cup Runners Up: Elmhurst

Plate Winners: St. Bernadette

Plate Runners Up: Oliver House

Bowl Winners: Bandon Hill

Bowl Runners Up: Oakwood

Shield Winners: St. David’s

Shield Runners Up: Holy Ghost

Medal Winners: Good Shephard

Medal Runners Up: Holy Ghost B