Art and creativity are exciting areas of study. In The Cedars School’s art rooms pupils have and opportunity to build their skills and understanding of Art and Design.  

Years 7 and 8 work through a foundation course exploring two and three dimensional projects, ranging from traditional drawing and painting processes, to the experimental work for instance collaborative artwork.  In our creative classrooms, we will value pupils ideas and teach the technical and planning skills that enable them to transform and communicate these ideas into objects and images.

If Art and Design is taken as an option from Year 9 to GCSE,  a two unit specification is followed that will enable pupils to build creative skills through learning and doing.  The portfolio of projects that pupils produce will cover a range of making and analytical process and is 60% of the grade.  The externally set task 40% is and exciting opportunity to show what pupils have learned through the course and explore the project in depth. 

Fine Art A Level is now being offered, this is two unit specification with a 60% portfolio unit and 40% externally set task.  In addition to developing creative skills, pupils will learn to manage projects, organise their time and acquire art skills both ancient from drawing with a stick and modern digital image modification. Effort and diligent work habits together with our expertise will result in the production of a stunning Summer Art Show of selected work at both GCSE and A level.

Students will be well equipped to study Art, Architecture or Design at University and will be able to secure chosen places or continue their creative practice as well as gaining qualifications in other academic subjects.