Class Parents

Class Parents seek to ensure that fellow parents experience the warmth, concern and interest that is at the heart of the spirit of the school.

Based on the ethos of the school and respect for the family, we recognise that marriage is the best environment for bringing up children and both parents are responsible for the education of their children and should have a shared interest in school life. We aim to encourage discussion and engagement with both parents appreciating the importance of their role as prime educators of their children and also through existing parents who can actively seek to encourage friendship and mutual support among school families.

Class Parents work to serve as a channel of communication to help realise the aims of the unique ethos of The Cedars School. They welcome new families to the school community, promote parents’ participation in the various events which the school organises and support them in their parenting role. Class Parents provide a valuable service to the families of the school as the school motto proposes: In Gaudio Serviamus – may we serve joyfully. Class Parents can facilitate discussion groups for sharing ideas on parenting which are supported by the Family Development Foundation (FDF).