Design & Technology

Design & Technology is studied by all students in Years 7 and 8 and is available as a GCSE option from Year 9 onwards. From 2017, it will be offered at A Level.

The focus in Design Technology at The Cedars School is on electronic systems.

The GCSE course provides scope for students to use their creativity and flair to design and make electronic systems using a wide range of electronic components, new technologies and modern electronic devices. Students encounter amplifiers, programming microprocessors, timers, sensors, counters and switches among other devices.

ICT CAD packages are used, including: SketchUp (used by architects, professional engineers and university students), Techsoft 2D, Crocodile Technology; Yenka Technology, CoralDRAW, real PCB and PIC Logicator software.

The specification assumes no previous knowledge of electronics. It meets the needs and aspirations of candidates entering a progressively more technological society by giving them an insight into how modern day electronic systems work.

The knowledge and skills acquired through the study of electronics form a sound base, not only for taking the subject further, but also for employment in the scientific and technological professions. In addition, in studying electronics candidates will encounter techniques and disciplines of value in many other subject areas.