Duke of Edinburgh's Award

There are three progressive levels of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme, which lead to the Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme is internationally recognised and gives participants the opportunity to develop as an individual in a variety of ways. The award is gained by completing a programme of activities made up of four sections:

  • Volunteering
  • Skill
  • Physical
  • Expedition

We provide advice and guidance but in order to encourage the spirit of freedom and develop responsibility, the motivation and organisation required to complete the award comes directly from students themselves. This leads to a greater personal satisfaction of personal achievement and increased confidence.


Currently the school offers the following awards:

Bronze Award                           Year 9
Silver Award                              Year 10
Silver Award (direct entry)     Year 12

Direct Entry Silver Award is offered in Year 12 to cater for those pupils who are new to the school and can be completed without previously having undertaking the Bronze Award.


Participants must complete two expeditions over two days with a team of others. The first is a practice to develop the skills of navigation and campcraft which will prepare students for the assessed expedition. The expeditions are planned and prepared by the teams with support from staff but the expeditions themselves are taken without direct supervision.

Cedars Ethos and the Award

Pupils develop in self-confidence through the hard work, perseverance, organisation and positive outlook that is required to completed the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, we believe this complements our ethos at The Cedars School and we encourage pupils to take part in this valuable award scheme.

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