Key Parental Events

These events provide a continuing programme to assist parents in the education of their children and the dynamics of parenting.

These Key Parental Events, such as information evenings, take place each term and attendance is strongly encouraged. The events may focus on formational matters and are presented by staff or invited speakers. The emphasis is always on providing guidance that is both practical and helpful.

Topics Include:

All You Need to Know About Adolescence
Born to Serve, Not to Shop
Building Cultural Capital
Character and Sport
Child Development
Collective Wisdom on Social Life
Confidence and Optimism in Children
Critical Thinking and the Adolescent Male
Educating in a Consumer Society
Educating for Responsibility
Fostering Moderation and Self-control
How to Really Love your Teenager
Internalised Motivation
Literature for Life
Making Demands on Children
Study Skills
Teaching High Ideals
Technology and Children
The Growth Mindset