At The Cedars we recognise the utility of mathematics as a language for describing the world around us, and hence as complementary subject to other disciplines such as biology, economics, engineering, physics and quantum mechanics. Mathematics and Further Mathematics will both be offered at A Level.

The knowledge at which geometry aims is knowledge of the eternal, and not of anything perishing and transient. Geometry will draw the soul towards truth, and create the spirit of philosophy, and raise up that which is now unhappily allowed to fall down. Therefore, nothing should be more sternly laid down than that the inhabitants of your fair city should by all means learn geometry. Plato, The Republic (VII)

Mathematics is much more than the language and tool of science, it also provides marvellous opportunities to hone powers of reasoning and cultivate a sense of wonder at the remarkable order, pattern and relation inherent in the world around us.

The curriculum is designed to help pupils develop their skills of abstract reasoning through modelling and solving problems. In keeping with our ‘liberal arts’ approach, we seek to bring out the creative aspect of mathematics and emphasise its beauty and coherence by helping students to see connections between different areas of the subject.

All students will be prepared for GCSE Mathematics and so the UK National Curriculum will be covered in full with the addition of a strong emphasis on cultivating logical thought, problem-solving skills and the capacity to deal with abstraction.